Monday, October 6, 2008

Sending / Getting files from mobile phones

The capability of sending files and even getting files is another important goal when it comes to attack mobile phones. Bluetooth supports file exchange through the OBEX protocol. Two profiles can be used for this, among all defined by the Bluetooth SIG:
  • Object Push Profile: requires Authorization.
  • File Transfer Profile: requires Authentication and Authorization.
Object Push Profile: allows you to send files.

You can use ussp-push tool, available after installing ussp-push package in Ubuntu.

Or either you can use Obexftp, available after installing obexftp package in Ubuntu.

It's important to force it to use the channel associated to the Object Push Profile.

File Transfer Profile
: allows you to send files, get files and list directories.

You can use Obexftp to send files. If no channel is specified, it will use the one associated to the File Transfer Profile by default.

You can also list directories and browse through them.

Finally, you can get files from the phone to the PC.

I remember the old openobex-apps package for Fedora used to include the obex_push tool, but it's no longer needed since you can use Obexftp and force it to use the channel associated to Object Push Profile.

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